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2019 Nike Air Force 1 Low Ivory Snake Release Next Week

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Сообщение #1 blair2019 » 17.05.2019, 15:31

Along with the recent return of snake color, a wave of sneakers has been set off. The new member of the snake color palette launched this time uses Air Force 1 as the design blueprint. With its classic versatile shape, Air Force 1 has always been a popular hit shoe with many loyal fans.Nike Air Force 1 Low Ivory Snake The most eye-catching part of the overall body is the Swoosh design on the side of the shoe. It uses the texture of the python snake, with brown as the main color, with a pure white body and a contrast effect. It is a lot of appearance value. The snake pattern extends from Swoosh on the side of the shoe to the heel, and the tongue is black, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

2019 Mens Jordans,Although the Air Max series launched a new member Air Max 720 this year, it has gained a fierce market response, but the Air Max 270 still has a large number of loyal fans as a popular shoe, and is still launching a new color scheme. The new color palette, which will be on the scene, features a gradient mesh mesh upper with a white and bright orange gradient design that is cool enough for the upcoming summer. Swoosh is printed on the toe and in the middle of the shoe, and there are 270 embroidered lettering on the inside of the shoe. The Air Max air cushion technology in the heel section has an exposed design, and the sky blue design is matched with a bright orange body. The look is very eye-catching.

2019 Cheap Jordan,This year's NBA All-Star Game was held in Charlotte. Nike launched a lot of wasp color shoes for this purpose. Recently, a pair of Nike Zoom 2K with Charlotte elements came on sale. Nike Zoom 2K Regency Purple is a combination of leather and mesh, and is covered with huge plastic accents in the middle of the body to create a very individual line while improving overall stability.The shoes are styled in white and purple, complemented by blue accents, and are very Charlotte style, eye-catching and eye-catching, perfect for everyday wear. The text on the shoelace buckles the extra personality, and the “2000” complements the “ZOOM”. The pull ring at the heel is dotted with the “Zm” label to show your identity.
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