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When spring come

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partners were really bored, they used bamboo poles to go to the honeycombs on the banyan trees, and they also had strong hostility to the bees. The greater hostility is still behind, when the bamboo poles shake the honeycombs abruptly, the swarms of bees rushed out and flew toward us. In the panic, we lost our helmets, threw the bamboo poles in our hands Carton Of Cigarettes, and fled our heads to escape. This kind of experience really made us feel a worse impression on the bees, because at that time we couldn't tell the difference between bees and wasps, and in our eyes, they were all the same. In the autumn, the eucalyptus tree that was full of white flowers in the spring was finally covered with glutinous rice that could be exchanged for money. I was playing some bamboo rafts. When I turned my head, I saw my mother carrying a bottle of things and went into the house. Mother said that it was honey. I didn't know anything about honey at the time, and I didn't know that the sticky liquid in the bottle would be so delicious. It turned out that a rare person came to the village to sell honey. Although the life was tight, the mother said that since she met or bought a little, she said that eating honey can cure cough and nourish the body. Then the mother used a spoon to sing a little. I licked it with a tip of my tongue and then slowly stirred it in my mouth. Oh, the original honey is this taste, even a hundred times sweeter than white sugar. Later, when someone in the family had a cough, the mother rushed open with warm water and let it drink. A bottle of honey, actually eaten intermittently for half a year since the taste of honey Newport Cigarettes, the honey has finally had some simple understanding. In the season of flowering every year, when I look at the bees in the flowers, they also have some good intentions for them. However, at that time, I did not see the workshop of beekeeping, nor the specific process of beekeeping and bee collecting honey. When I grow up, every time I go into the mountains in the spring, I can see one beehive beehives in some places where flowers bloom. In the vicinity of the beehive, it is an easy-to-build grass shed. The beekeeper wraps himself tightly, wearing a placket hanging on a gauze and working silently between the beehives. Groups of bees come in and out of the beehive, flying around and flying. It��s just that they don��t care about our strange pedestrians. We, seeing the bees flying by themselves, or full of faint fears, know that any bee will not be easy to swear, only they are in danger. Or when the danger is coming, the attack will be made, and the bee that has passed away will die very quickly. This can not help but make people feel sad. I even felt guilty when I was young and ignorant. I felt that I was guilty of going up the mountain the day before, and I met an old man who was over 60 years old on a sparsely populated mountain road. The old man sat quietly in front of the simple straw shed under a big tree. The south side of the grass shed is more than a dozen beehives. Seeing the quiet scenery nearby, I stopped the car and started talking to the old man. It turns out that the old man has been living like this, and the life of collecting honey has changed his simple "home" from time to time. Where is the flower, where is it, such a life, hard but full of poetry that cannot be said. During the conversation, I looked at the old man from time to time. The old man was wrinkled, but his eyes were stunned. A pair of hands covered with blue veins also kept the dough vigorously. The one we talked the most is naturally the topic of bees and honey. Later, the old man also took out his own tools and told me about the process of brewing royal jelly. The old man looks good and good, every sentence is plain and simple, I think, this conversation is really long for me, where is I talking to a strange beekeeper, his figure, his look, he The words clearly remind me of the folks who have been away from home for many years. When I re-enter the conversation, there is always a time to end, and I will eventually leave far away. As for the hard work of bees, what really shocked me was that after I saw such a sentence: "Every 1000 grams of honey requires 5000 bees. With a lifetime of effort, the flight is equivalent to 11 laps of the Earth, collecting 1 million. The flowers are carefully brewed, so how can the beekeepers in my eyes not be able to live close to life, how can I not get close to them? I often see far away, they chase with the bees After a season of flowering, in the hard work, dedicated to the endless sweetness of people Newport Cigarettes Coupons.
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