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Описание: Форум о кошках. Здесь разрешено обсуждение любых тем о содержании, уходе, лечении и разведении кошачих

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The match was played at an unbelievably high standard. Murray will win this title. I said it might not be this year but I wouldn't put money against him next year. RB Lorenzo Harrison, sophomore: He would have made a run at 1,000 yards as a freshman if he hadn missed the last four games because of suspension. He ended up with 633 yards, 57 off the school freshman record, and averaged 7.2 per carry. He shifty and hard to bring down and ready to become one of the top backs in the Big Ten..

It's not too bad, I lied, as he moved toward the warmth on my side of the bed. He laid his head on my shoulder and reached his arm over me to pull me close. As he pulled, I felt a bolt of pain up my back and twisted quickly under his embrace. "Kissy." Timon gives the totally groovy dude a wave before turning his attention back to Thorn's gift. "I'm surprised you didn't label this the Idiot's Guide to Electronic Warfare," he observes dryly, having opened it to the table of contents. That protein bar diminishes in size as he takes another bite, this one larger than before; the bland substance is washed down by a similarly large gulp of coffee.
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