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The Desire 626 Dual SIM follows HTC's signature design language for the Desire range cheap air max 95 , including a plastic case, bi-color livery and a lack of capacitive Android buttons. The phone looks similar to the popular HTC Desire 820, although it has a smaller screen. However, its practical size makes it relatively easy to hold and use. It feels solid and is pleasant to look at.

At the front of the phone are the front camera and the earpiece grille at the top and a speaker and a microphone at the bottom. Although the plastic back panel seems to be removable, this is not the case cheap air max 97 , so the battery is inaccessible. On the right side there are the powers and volume buttons, on the top there is the 3.5mm audio port, on the bottom there is the micro USB port and on the left side there is a flap, the covers the two Nano SIM slots and the micro SD slot. The rear camera, the single-tone LED flash and a small hole for a microphone are on the back. Our test device was white cheap air max 90 , which was pretty dirty and had to be cleaned regularly. Overall, the Desire 626 Dual SIM has a pretty neat layout, and the result is a neat-looking smartphone that fits into its price range.

The screen of the HTC Desire 626 Dual SIM is a 5-inch affair with 720 x 1280 pixels and a pixel density of 294 ppi. Although it is sharp and readable, it is a bit too short in terms of color accuracy and brightness. The colors look a bit dull and unrealistic, and the brightness is also inconsistent in different areas of the same image. Bright shades are too bright cheap nike air max shoes , dull shades are hardly visible in direct light. Occasionally, this screen even strained our eyes. It just is not the right thing.

Specifications and Software:

The fact that the Desire 626 is a 2015 smartphone is most clearly stated in its datasheet. This is an old SoC that was released in 2014 and instantly outdated compared to other devices in the price segment. There is 16GB of internal memory (expandable up to 32GB), 2GB of RAM, a 2000mAh battery and 4G capability on both SIM slots (FDD Band 3 and TDD Band 40 are both supported). Some global variants of the phone use the Snapdragon 410 SoC from Qualcomm instead. This version is not available in India.

Another area that displays the age of the phone is the software. The HTC Desire 626 Dual SIM runs on Android 4.4.4, two generations behind the latest version. This is completely unfathomable cheap air max shoes , considering that there are much cheaper phones than the Desire 626 running Android 6.0. Just about all today's phones are at least equipped with Android Lollipop. Although we believe that KitKat may have been acceptable a year ago, it only shows that the Desire 626 has not received any software updates since then and is unlikely to do so in the future.


The HTC Desire 626 Dual SIM features a 13 megapixel main camera with single flash LED flash and a 5 megapixel front camera. Both cameras can record 1080p videos, while the rear camera also supports various shooting modes such as multi-angle, panorama, motion tracking cheap nike air max , HDR and slow motion video. Strangely enough, the camera app on the 626 is not the typical HTC camera app, but it's strikingly similar to the ones we've seen on many of the reasonably priced phones we've tested recently. . Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Replica Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Soccer Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys
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