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MEXICO CITY, July 19 (Xinhua) -- The Australian city of Melbourne was chosen in 1949 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to host the 16th Olympic Games, despite only receiving one more vote than the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, making it the first city to host the Games outside of Europe and the United States.

However, there were several problems before and during the organization of this edition.

To begin with, there was a discrepancy between the committees surrounding the inauguration date since the original date proposed by Melbourne was in December. This would have been winter for the participating countries in the northern hemisphere and it was though that this might inconvenience athletes from those countries as they were accustomed to resting during their winter.

In the end, the different committees came to an agreement and decided to hold the Games between November 22 and December 8, completely different to all the previous Olympics.



USSR 37 29 32 98

U.S. 32 25 17 74

Australia 13 8 14 35

Hungary 9 10 7 26

Italy 8 8 9 25

Sweden 8 5 6 19

Germany 6 13 7 26

UK 6 7 11 24

Romania 5 3 5 13

Japan 4 10 5 19


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