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Описание: В данном форуме размещаем темы и сообщения, которые непосредственно касаются животных (домашних и диких) и не имеют узкой специализации по виду, породе и т. д.

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BERLIN C.J. Mosley Color Rush Jersey , June 16 (Xinhua) -- Country wide celebrations started right after Germans impressive 4-0 (halftime 3-0) win over Portugal in their World Cup Opener in Group G. Tens of thousands of German fans are celebrating in fan zones in major cities and parading in their cars out in the streets and hooting their horns.

In the center of media comments is Bayern Munich striker Thomas Mueller after scoring three phenomenal goals. ""Three bangs from Mueller. Boys, you are the heros"" the mass-circulation Bild newspaper said in its headline.

1990 World Cup winner Lothar Matthaus said in a Bild interview: ""A start like that can carry you to the title. It's like 1990. Such a win leaves you in mountain-high confidence. I am sure the German team can start plans for the next round after the group games. We won't lose to Ghana and the US.""

The Munich-based daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung was impressed by ""how powerful the German team started into this World Cup."" ""The beginning of the World Cup tournament couldn't have been better. Unbelievable was the elementary power of that young and new German team.""

Die Welt newspaper told its readers: ""Mueller broke up the Portuguese,"" added with a smirk: ""Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?"" Mueller, it said Joe Flacco Color Rush Jersey , ""is again on route to become World Cup top-scorer as he did 2010 in South Africa.""

Football magazine ""kicker"" said: ""Germany has been waiting for a game like that for four years. The whole country has become football fans. "",""While Germany stirring up worldwide attention, Portugal around the pale CR7 sank to the ground, similar to their neighbor Spain.""

The weekly magazine ""Focus"" spoke of an amazing ""Portu-Gala"" Black Maxx Williams Jersey , saying the side of coach Joachim Loew crushed helpless Portuguese team. ""What an impressive win and what determination!""

German striker Lukas Podolski sent a selfie on Twitter directly out of the German changing room showing German Chancellor Angela Merkel and him looking like a loving couple with a smashing smile in their face. And 1954 World Cup winner Horst Eckel tweeted: ""Congratulations boys. What a smashing game and impressive win.""

Commentating for the German television ARD, former national player Mehmet Scholl said: ""It was an impressing game. The German side is learning more and more. Leading 3-0 they had still total control of ball and Portugal, and in such an effective way. In Brazil, with its high temperatures Black Kamalei Correa Jersey , that' s exactly the way to rule games.""

Scholl praised the German team spirit that was in his opinion ""never higher that now .""
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