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Описание: В данном форуме размещаем темы и сообщения, которые непосредственно касаются животных (домашних и диких) и не имеют узкой специализации по виду, породе и т. д.

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RIO DE JANEIRO Black Ryan Ramczyk Jersey , May 15 (Xinhua) -- Eleven-time world champion Kelly Slater was eliminated from the Rio Pro surfing competition on Friday by 20-year-old Australian Matt Banting.

Slater scored a two-wave total of 6.7 while Banting posted 10.8 at Barra da Tijuca beach.

"It was my first wave in a few days, I felt tired," 43-year-old Slater said.

"I felt things weren't right. I didn't sleep very well and I've had an upset stomach. I was hoping for some barrels today but that didn't happen. Now I'm going to go home and spend some time resting."

Later in the day Banting was eliminated in the fifth round by New Zealand's Ricardo Christie, who will meet Brazil's Filipe Toledo in the quarterfinals.

Others to progress to the last eight were Matt Wilkinson ( Australia), Josh Kerr (Australia), Bede Durbridge (Australia), Jadson Andre (Brazil) and Italo Ferreira (Brazil).

One of the most consistent findings in psychology is that people behave differently when their environment changes. When we’re in a place where people are quiet (church) Black Marcus Davenport Jersey , we’re quiet. When we’re in a place where people are loud (stadiums), we’re loud. When we’re driving and the lanes narrow, we slow down. When they widen, we speed up again. This may seem obvious, but when we try to make change at work, we often make the mistake of obsessing about the people involved rather than their environment. Often the easiest way to drive change is to shape the environment.

This environment-shaping strategy was used in 2006 by Becky Richards, the Adult Clinical Services Director at Kaiser South San Francisco hospital Black Drew Brees Jersey , who was determined to drive down medication errors. On average, nurses commit roughly 1 error per 1000 medications administered. That’s an impressive record of accuracy. Still, given the huge volume of medications delivered at Kaiser South, that error rate led to about 250 errors annually, and a single error can be harmful or even deadly. For instance, if a patient received too much Heparin, a blood thinner Black Mark Ingram II Jersey , the patient’s blood would no longer clot and the patient could hemorrhage. If a patient got too little Heparin, he could develop a blood clot that could lead to a stroke.
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