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Описание: В данном форуме обсуждаем различную литературу по содержанию домашних животных, периодические издания о домашних питомцах, различные справочники, ветеринарные пособия и тому подобное...

Сообщение #1 tupacshakaur » 09.03.2018, 12:13


I came to da because I thought that literature here has a chance. This is how it was looking from outside..Very soon I realized that it's not like this. There are unwritten laws here! If you upload two deviations one of them is kicked out of the lists, blindly by an algorithm that might give priority to the joke you uploaded and not the real literature piece! I was lucky to understand it works this way by coincidences, but others are still wondering how it's possible people to like more something they know it's kind of shitty than their real art and others simply ending up to totally mistaken conclusions about their art.

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